Red Sentinel, North Face

United States, Utah, Zion National Park
Author: Jeff Lowe. Climb Year: 1971. Publication Year: 1972.

On June 3, 4 and 5 Cactus Bryan and I climbed this 2100-foot wall by a route nearly in the dead center. The line, in fact, was what attracted us: a slightly curving crack system from the bottom to just right of the summit. Being at least 10° less than vertical, we expected it to be at least partly free climbing. It actually was disappointing as at least a third was dirty rock and somewhat dangerous with soft rock and loose blocks. After the first day we spent much of our time complaining and very little enjoying the climb. There was some fun climbing but the ugliness of the rest hardly makes it a worthwhile climb. NCCS VI, F8, A3. 23 bolts.