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North America, United States, California—Yosemite, Rainbows

Rainbows. In late June, Russell McLean and I established a new route on the western wall of the Ribbon Falls amphitheatre. We began this very steep, predominantly direct-aid route about 200 feet in from the amphitheater’s outer edge, precisely at the last group of dwarf trees along the western wall. We climbed 200 feet to a good ledge then followed a single crack system up a large dihedral to the top of the wall. A good hammock bivouac can be contrived 200 feet below the top. Several hundred feet of easy climbing above the wall brought us to brushy ledges. Here, rather than try the usual descent which seemed dangerous, we ascended to the rim, passing a headwall via a moderate chimney. NCCS V, F8, A3.