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North America, United States, Alaska, Peaks above Glacier Bay, Fairweather Range

Peaks above Glacier Bay, Fairweather Range. John and Pati Letcher, my wife Audra and I spent the month of June 1969 in Glacier Bay. We traveled up the bay in the Letchers’ 25-foot sailboat Aleutka, but the unusually clear and calm weather meant we did as much rowing as sailing. From an anchorage in Hugh Miller Inlet we climbed P 4600 (1 mile northwest of Mount Friable) via the Hugh Miller Glacier and reconnoitered the approach to P 7103 (5 miles northeast of Mount Bertha). We then moved Aleutka to Reid Inlet which offered a shorter access to our objective, but extensive crevasses on Reid Glacier caused us to abandon the attempt on P 7103. We climbed P 5200 (5 miles north of Contact Nunatak) from the south. As there was no evidence of a previous ascent we propose to name it “Mount Aleutka.” Note: In places glaciers have changed dramatically since the topographic maps were made. What looks on the map like an easy approach up a glacier can be a series of time-consuming moraines today.