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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Spur Attempt

Mount Spurr Attempt. Our group was comprised of George G. Wis-well III, Brian Forbes and me. We landed on August 23 east of Mount Spurr by ski-plane at 3500 feet on the Capps Glacier. Trying to avoid the tremendous icefalls between the ridges and at the same time climb Spurr by a new route (it has been climbed twice), we chose the northeast ridge. The route is some twelve miles long. Unfortunately we did not reach the top. We were at 7500 feet on the thin ridge when bad weather and lack of fuel forced us back. On August 29 Wiswell and I climbed a 6000-foot peak on the eastern edge of the Capps at about 61° 25'30" N, 152° 10'W.

EVERETT P. WENRICK, Mountaineering Club of Alaska