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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. The past year was one of the most active in club history. An unusually large number of weekend climbing outings were sponsored to Devils Lake, Wisconsin, and to the Mississippi Palisades area in Illinois. During the spring and early fall months outings were held every weekend with an average of 30 participants. The annual fall get-acquainted hike attracted 130 members and the annual banquet 154 persons from five states. A series of 14 film-lectures by outstanding travelers and explorers enjoyed an average attendance of 505 members and guests per program.

Charles and Patricia Armstrong led a 93-member summer outing to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Perfect weather for the entire two-week period allowed for many ascents including a number of new routes. The best of these included Shipsprow Buttress, Hallelujah, the north ridge of Woolsey, Starvation Peak, Little Goose Spire, Penrose Peak, Buffalo Back, and Black Tooth. John Ebert led a 31-member outing to the alpine countries in Europe, where 14 major peaks were climbed in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

The 1971 outing will be held in the northern Cascades, and an expedition will again be sponsored to Peru. The Base Camp will be located in Quebrada Alpamayo in the northern Cordillera Blanca.

John Ebert