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Alpine Club of Canada

Alpine Club of Canada. In 1970 the A.C.C. had one of its most active years to date. The various activities included: the ski camp in Garibaldi Park, B.C.; the general mountaineering camp in the Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park; a Calgary Section charter trip to the Alps; a Vancouver Section week at Lake Lovely Water in the Tantalus Range of B.C.; a Calgary Section week in Fairy Meadow in the northern Selkirks; two club-sponsored family camps, one at Little Yoho and the other at Lake O’Hara; and a trip in November to the Langtrang Himal region of Nepal with 15 climbers and 15 hikers participating. The general mountaineering camp was held at Moat Lake from July 25 to August 8 with 116 people attending. Unfortunately, the weather was very wet for the first week, but, as so often happens, glorious for the second. The Wates Gibson hut was used as a base to gain access to the southern end of the Ramparts, and a high camp was set up at Geikie Meadows for those who wished to climb Geikie and Barbican. Many climbs were made, including Simon, McDonnell, Bennington, Outpost, Paragon, Bastion, Clitheroe, Drawbridge, and Barbican. A couple of attempts were made to climb the face of Geikie, but the rotten rock proved too dangerous. The Little Yoho family camp attracted eight adults and 16 children, while Lake O’Hara drew five adults and 12 children — ample recommendation for this kind of informal camp. Beyond this, the newly appointed Conservation Committee generated many reports and briefs, putting the club actively into the field of conservation. The new format of the Canadian Alpine Journal proved very successful to the point of selling out.

P. A. BOSWELL, Club Manager