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Asia, Afghanistan, Peaks above Darrah-i-Mulaw (Japanese)

Peaks Above Darrah-i-Mulaw (Japanese). The Akita expedition was made up of Kenji Hirasawa, leader, Akio Shoji, Yutaro Fujiwara, Yuicho Osato, Masaki Kaneda and Masaaki Hatakeyama. They climbed in the Darrah-i-Mulaw, which appears as “Toghw”. They made three first ascents: Koh-i-Mulaw (18,701 feet; not marked on Frey’s map but between P 5797 and P 5480) on July 29 via north ridge by Hirasawa, Shoji, Hatakeyama; Barf or P 5797 (19,019 feet) on August 1 via north ridge by Hatakeyama, Fujiwara, Kaneda; and Koh-i-Cousin or P 5751 (18,868 feet) on August 3 via southeast couloir by Shoji, Fujiwara. On August 3 Hirasawa and Hatakeyama unsuccessfully attempted Shakh-i-Kabud via the southwest ridge but returned from the col at 18,375 feet. On August 5 Shoji and Fujiwara climbed to within 500 feet of the summit of P 5752 on its north side but did not get to the top. On August 6 they met the Scottish expedition, to whom they rented their equipment.

ICHIRO Yoshizawa, A.A.C. and Japanese Alpine Club