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Asia, Afghanistan, Koh-i-Paghar

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  • Publication Year: 1971

Koh-i-Paghar. The Gamagoori Yama no Kai of Aichi Prefecture expedition was led by Tsukasa Nakase, and was composed of Koichi Ishikawa, Masaru Nagasaka, Jutaro Suzuki, Shigeharu Miwa and Dr. Shinko Kuzaki. They climbed first at the head of the Darrah-i-Ruysowuk, which enters the Tagabe Anjuman between the pass and the town of Anjuman. Ishikawa, Suzuki and Mima climbed P 5304 (17,402 feet) on July 21 and P 5225 (17,142 feet) a half-mile south of it on July 24; both peaks lie west of the valley head. On July 16 Nakase and Suzuki climbed P 5050(16,568 feet) and on July 22 Ishikawa, Suzuki and Miwa climbed P 5370 (17,618 feet), the next peak north; both of these are east of the valley head. They then ascended the Darrah-i-Paghan from Anjuman to camp at 15,100 feet in the Paghar Piria valley. On July 25 Nakase and Nagasaka climbed Paghar East (18,045 feet). On July 30 Nakase, Nagasaka and Miwa climbed Koh-i- Paghar (18,393 feet). That same day, from the Abdul valley, the next to the south, Ishikawa and Suzuki climbed P 5414 (17,763 feet), which lies just west of Koh-i-Paghar.

ICHIRO YOSHIZAWA, A.A.J. and Japanese Alpine Club

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