American Alpine Jounrna and Accidents in North American Climbing

Asia, Afghanistan, Mt. Samir

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  • Publication Year: 1971

Mir Samir. Two expeditions, Kohtaro Ohyama, leader, Yatuka Arita, Munechika Sawada, Yasumasa Ueno, Hironari Hirabayashi and Keizo Kohno of Meijo University and Shigeo Handa, leader, Minoru Hashimoto, Muto, Ishizuka and Otsuki of the Chukyo Alpine Club, combined forces in the Mir Samir region. They placed Base Camp in the Darrah-i-Chamar on July 12 at 13,500 feet. Camps were made at 15,750 and 17,000 feet. On July 21 Muto and Sawada completed the ascent of Mir Samir (19,059 feet) by a new route, the frontal east ridge. Only the Meijo University party went on to climb in Swat Kohistan.

ICHIRO Yoshizawa, A.A.C. and Japanese Alpine Club

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