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Asia, Pakistan, Attempt on Thui I, Hindu Raj

Attempt on Thui I, Hindu Raj. The Unpyo Club sent Takaaki Asaga, Toshiaki Miyoshi and Masami Ikeda to attempt Thui I (21,654 feet). After leaving Chitral on June 19 they established Base Camp on July on the Panarillo Glacier at 13,125 feet on July 1. They climbed P4850 (15,912 feet) near Base Camp. After making a camp at 14,750 feet and a dump at 15,750 feet, on July 15 they reached a point at 17,000 feet on the northwest face of Thui I. Continued bad weather forced them to give up the attempt.

ICHIRO Yoshizawa, A.A.C. and Japanese Alpine Club