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Asia, India, Garhwal, Jogin Group

Jogin Group. The first and second ascents of Jogin I (21,210 feet) were made on June 22 in two parties by eleven trainees and staff of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel J. C. Joshi. They also climbed Jogin III (20,065 feet; first ascent by G. R. Patwardhan’s party in 1967) on the same day before reaching Jogin I. Base Camp was established in the Kedar valley on June 15. Jogin I and Jogin II (20,208 feet) were also attempted by an expedition led by Amulyn Sen. The party established Base Camp at 15,600 feet on the Kedar Bamak on September 19 but were beaten back from a camp at 19,200 feet by blizzards.

Soli S. Mehta and Jagdish C. Nanavati, Himalayan Club