Asia, Nepal, Sita Chuchura

Publication Year: 1971.

Sita Chuchura. A Nippon University expedition made the first ascent of 21,978-foot Sita Chuchura, the second peak west of the French Col. The leader was Kiyoshi Seita and members included Masahiko Takahashi, Nobuyuki Hirato, Hiroshi Harada, Norio Hiyama, Kenichi Shibata, Susumu Nakamura and Isamu Furuhata. They crossed the French Col and established Base Camp at 16,400 feet, Camp I at 18,375 feet, Camp II at 19,350 feet and Camp III at 21,000 feet. On October 26 Takahashi, Hirato, Harada and Phurba Kitar climbed this beautiful virgin peak. Local people call it Sita Chuchura (or Tsutsura). “Sita” is the name of a legendary man and “Chuchura” means “mountain”. (Hidden Valley is called locally “Sita Bari”.) (It was first reported that they had climbed Tukuche West but both the Japanese and the Nepalese authorities used the name “Tukuche” loosely to use a name that was on the officially approved list.)

ICHIRO Yoshizawa, A.A.C. and Japanese Alpine Club