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South America, Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Paine Group, Patagonia

Paine group, Patagonia. A joint group of climbers of the Universidad de , Chile, Santiago and Club Mañke stayed most of January in the Paine massif. Their main goal was Cerro Catedral del Paine, (2300 meters or 7546 feet), located some six miles north of Paine Grande. Two attempts were defeated both by strong winds of some 70 miles per hour and by technical difficulties, which had also driven back a British group a few days before. Subsequently, the Chilean climbers travelled to the Olguín group of rock and ice peaks and made the second ascent of the peak the 1969 Czech expedition had unofficially named “Cerro Ostrava” (c. 7500 feet). The hitherto virgin summit of Cerro Cota (6562 feet) was also climbed. The group was made up of Jorge Quinteros (leader), Gastón Oyarzún, Berhard Paul and José Troncoso.

HUGO VÁSQUEZ L., Asociación Universitaria de Andinismo, Santiago.