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South America, Ecuador, Pichincha and Illiniza Norte

Pichincha and Illiniza Norte. On August 6 Sallie Jordan, Charles Sproull, Arthur Wilder and the Ecuadorian Marta Carrera climbed Pichincha (15,718 feet). On August 12 Sproull, Wilder and I were stopped at 18,500 feet on Cotopaxi (19,350 feet) by a large crevasse. We found out afterwards that the mountain is rarely attempted in summer for that very reason. A hut has just been completed at 15,600 feet. Sproull, the Ecuadorian José Berge and I climbed Illiniza Norte (c. 16,700 feet) on August 20.

DONALD F. Schaefer, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club