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North America, Greenland, Gurreholm Party

Gurreholm party: I.H.M. Smart, J. Cannon, P.F. Brown. We left Mestersvig by helicopter on July 11 and landed in the Schuchert valley after leaving a food dump at the Roslin Snout and Bjornbos glaciers for the mountaineering parties. We spent four weeks exploring Fear Islands and North West Fjord, using the expedition boat. The arctic tern colonies in the area were visited and egg measurements were made. Mestersvig Biology party: N. Cotton, R. O’Grady, R. Summers. This party stayed in the vicinity of Mestersvig and carried out a detailed study of the microclimate and ecosystems of an area of sand dunes. Delta Dal Hydrology party: R. O’Brian, J. Peden, A. Walker, J. Lawrence. Systematic sampling of ground and of surface waters from a wide variety of sites was undertaken. Samples were collected from as far afield as Schuchert Dal and Trail Island, but the main focus was in the Delta Dal area, with a base at Sate Hjane. Dalmore Mountaineering party: R. Heywood, A. Pratt, J. Morrison, P. Hollins. This party reached the Roslin Glacier 50 miles from Mestersvig on July 12 after a hard journey and received the RAF drop arranged by the Cambridge University party. Between the 12th and 21st they were hampered by new snow and bad visibility. Between the 21st and 24th they made a traverse to the Bjornbos Glacier where a rendez-vous was made with three members of the hydrology party. The Bjornbos group thus formed moved to the North West Fjord via Holger Danskes Briller and traversed back to the Bjornbos over a col connecting two unnamed, previously unvisited glaciers. A total of eight mountains (six virgin) were climbed during the course of these travels.

I.H.M. smart, Dundee University, Scotland