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North America, United States, California - Yosemite, BHOS Dome, Tenaya Canyon

BHOS Dome, Tenaya Canyon. If you know where to look and you really care, BHOS Dome is visible from the Mirror Lake parking area. Last spring, Dennis Hennek, TM Herbert, Doug Scott, and I climbed the southface–or the Mugwump Wall–in 1½ days. The route stays in a very distinct dihedral system for the first three pitches and then veers left to a wide crack system leading to the summit. The crux of the climb was trying to sleep through a Herbert tirade on the bivouac. It began about midnight during some snow flurries. “Wake up, hey you guys, wake up. Hennek, kick that damn limey. Is everybody awake? I’ve actually been sleeping. This is the first time I’ve ever slept on a bivouac. Damn it, wake up and listen to me. I’ve been sleeping. This is incredible. Hennek, is Lauria still sleeping? Wake him up. Scott, wake up. I’ve actually been sleeping. Hennek, kick that rotten limey. Damn it, Scott, you don’t seem to realize.… ” NCCS III, F7, A3.

Don Lauria