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North America, United States, Washington - Cascade Mountains, Hurry Up Peak, Northeast Glacier

Hurry Up Peak, Northeast Glacier. On June 16, 1969, Don Turnbull and I left Cascade Pass and descended into the Pelton Creek Basin. We ascended 1800 feet up the small glacier to the Pelton-Magic Col. A descent of 1000 feet was made to reach the glacier below on the northeast side of Hurry Up Peak at 5600 feet. Climbing up easy snow slopes, we bypassed a bergschrund at 6600 feet by climbing F3 rock for 100 feet on the right side. Continuing up rotten rock and steep heather, we reached the upper part of the glacier near the base of the summit. From there it was a short scramble up the south side to the top.

Dallas Kloke