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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Palmer, Chugach Mountains

Mount Palmer, Chugach Mountains. Named after one of the early traders in the Knik River area, George Palmer, this is one of the cirque peaks of the Hunter Creek Glacier, located roughly 35 miles east of Anchorage and ¾ of a mile southwest of where the Knik River issues from the Knik Glacier. A weekend climb of it was only a remote possibility; I and others tried it unsuccessfully several times. Finally a plane-owning acquaintance took pity and flew me in with his supercub float plane on October 3. We landed on upper Lake George, now only a small silt puddle. The east ridge was mostly a fierce brush battle and not difficult above the brush. On October 4 I completed this first ascent (6940 feet), and enjoyed a most fantastic view of the main Chugach peaks, dominated by Mount Marcus Baker, the range’s highpoint. My acquaintance, returning from his hunting trip to Montague Island, picked me up later that day and we flew out again from upper Lake George.

Grace Hoeman,M.D.