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Stanford Alpine Club

Stanford Alpine Club. The club continues to emphasize technical rock climbing through weekly local practice climbs. On these climbs beginners are taught the fundamental rules of climbing and safety. More experienced members are able to practice specific climbing techniques. These climbs are supplemented with scheduled and informal trips to Yosemite Valley, where members have more than ample opportunity to apply what they have learned on larger scale climbs. The annual trip to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite Park was made in early October. This trip served to introduce new members to the basics of mountaineering and technical rock climbing. Many members also participated in the Thanksgiving holiday trip to Yosemite Valley. A significant climb was the third ascent of the North America Wall of El Capitan by Chuck Kroger and Scott Davis. They spent four days, October 2-6, climbing this awesome face. Chuck has since climbed the Nose route, giving him four different ascent routes on El Capitan.

Russ Van Dyke, President