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British Columbia Mountaineering Club

British Columbia Mountaineering club. The club experienced another active year of climbing and exploration in 1969, with members reporting about 30 new peaks and 15 new routes. Eighty-seven trips and three camps were scheduled, with attendance usually good when blessed by the weather. The main camp was held in the Taseko Lake area; the ski camp consisted of a high traverse through the unexplored complex south of the upper Lillooet River; and the expeditionary camp roamed the Homathko Snowfield. Members were also active in Peru, Nepal, on the Lillooet Icecap, and on both the summer and winter expeditions to Mount Waddington.

A “parabolic A-frame” shelter has been constructed in memory of the late Dr. Paul Plummer in the Waddington Range. This hut stands on the divide bounding Tellot Glacier immediately west of Claw Peak and is open to all who come to the area.

The supplemented edition of A Climber’s Guide to the Coastal Ranges of British Columbia is now available, and the supplement may be obtained separately. The club hopes to have its guide to selected hikes in southwestern British Columbia ready by 1970, and Glenn Woodsworth should have a revised version of his Guide to Squamish Chief and Vicinity out for the 1970 climbing season. In conjunction with other clubs, a trail building program is continuing, and a mountain training program has started in the Vancouver area.

New routes reported by club members include The Red Tusk (north ridge); Marble Canyon, Pavilion Ridge; Harvey Mountain (north face); The Beehive (southwest face); Ledge Mountain (south face); and Mounts Rexford (north face), Ionia (west face); Habrich (southwest nose), Grenville (north ridge), Rideout (north face), Hozomeen (northwest buttress of southwest peak).

Richard R. Culbert