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Asia, U.S.S.R., Pamirs

Pamirs, 1968. There was a great deal of climbing that went on in the U.S.S.R. in 1968. Most remarkable were two ascents in the Pamirs. The 8000-foot southwest wall of Pik Kommunisma (24,590 feet), highest in the country, was climbed for the first time between August 8 to 17, 1968 by E. Ovtchinnikov, W. Gluckov, and W. Ivanov. There were difficulties up to UIAA V. The north face of Pik Bothana (17,225 feet) is 6500 feet high. From August 6 to 10,1968 it was climbed for the first time by I. Kudiniv, J. Saratov, A. Levin, L. Risaev, W. Lavrushin and E. Abdullaev. They placed 150 pitons. For more details see Alpinismus of February and May, 1969.