North America, United States, Washington, Cascade Mountains, "The Bat," "The Coccyx," "Perdition Peak"

Publication Year: 1970.

“The Bat”, “The Coccyx”, “Perdition Peak”. These previously unnamed and unclimbed peaks on the Newhalem-Marble Creek and McAllister-Marble Creek divides were topped by Phil Dahl and me in August 1967. From the end of the overgrown logging road up Newhalem Creek we first climbed southeasterly to Stout Lake, then crossed south over a ridge to what we call Purgatory Pond about one mile away. Angling southwest we climbed the east ridge (Class III) of a low but impressive looking double-summited peak (6475 feet and 6417 feet) which we named “The Bat” for its distinctive shape. On the McAllister-Marble Creek divide we climbed the 7280-foot tail-end peak and dubbed it “The Coccyx”; ascent was via the north ridge. About a mile and a half southeast of “The Coccyx” is the highest peak in this group, 7675-foot “Perdition Peak”, which we ascended via the exposed and serrated Class-IV west ridge. Unfortunately Phil had a leg cramp on the arête and was unable to reach the final summit.

JOHN Roper, North Cascades Peak Baggers