North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Sergeant Robinson, Chugach Range

Publication Year: 1970.

Mount Sergeant Robinson, Chugach Range. In April, 1968 Bob Spurr and others attempted this mountain via Gravel Creek and Assassination Glacier. They failed when an icefall on the glacier proved insurmountable. In August, 1969, the Germans Georg Gruber, W. Münster and G. Mändl chose the same route. It was impossible to cross the Matanuska River on foot and they had to use the only bridge, which is below the Matanuska Glacier snout; this added miles of bushwhacking before Gravel Creek was reached. The Assassination Glacier icefalls were climbed with moderate difficulty. The summit was reached by the southeast ridge. The mountain was named for Sergeant George F. Robinson, who in 1865 saved Secretary of State William H. Seward from assassination.

Grace Hoeman