North America, United States, Alaska, Bavarian Expedition to Brooks Range

Publication Year: 1970.

Bavarian Expedition to Brooks Range. Reiner Neuger, E. Griessl, George Gruber, G. Mändl and W. Münster flew to Peters Lake by float plane. There they made their Base Camp for their climbs in the Franklin and Romanzof Mountains of the Brooks Range. On July 12 they made the third ascent of Mount Chamberlin (9020 feet) via the west face. They then explored Carnivore Creek and its tributaries in poor weather and climbed one or two peaks. Neuger and Gruber next set out on a giant circuit, which taxed their endurance to the breaking point. They crossed from the head of Carnivore Creek into the Hulahula basin and thence into the Okpitok drainage area. Ascents of Mounts Michelson and Isto were impossible because of the nearly continuous bad weather. After a hike of hundreds of miles, they finally accepted a helicopter ride back to their Base Camp, as supplies had run low and feet were sore. In the meantime, the others in the Carnivore basin had made as their main first ascents P 7702, P 8300 and P 8000.

Grace Hoeman