North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Foraker

Publication Year: 1970.

Mount Foraker. The expedition of the Academic Research Team of Tokushima University was led by Takashi Watanabe. We made Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier on June 26. Camp I was placed at the foot of the icefall on June 28 and Camp II at 8500 on July 2. Yasuyuki Toda, Michitaka Nagai, Kenichi Yamashita and I climbed to the peak of Foraker (17,400 feet) via the northeast ridge on July 5 in a 30-hour time, which included a long rest of eight hours. Other members of the expedition were Hideo Oshima, Shoji Tomino, Yasushi Shimatomi, Keiji Miki and Susumu Nagae.

Yasuhisa FUKUNAGA, Yokushima University