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Robert Lockwood Lipman, 1894-1968



Bob Lipman joined the American Alpine Club in 1927. Most of his climbing experience was in the Sierra Nevada of California, although he climbed the Grand Teton in 1926, when such, a feat was a rarity. In the Sierra he climbed the North and Middle Palisades in 1913 and 1925, respectively; and Mount Brewer as late as 1935, showing a continuing interest in mountain climbing. He was active in the Sierra Club, going on many of its outings. He was a Director and Treasurer of the Club for a time. All this was in the midst of arduous studies at the University of California (Berkeley) where he received his A.B. in 1916 (Phi Beta Kappa), and Harvard Law School (L.L.B., 1920), where he was a Student Adviser. At Berkeley he was captain of the tennis team, and at Harvard he was a winner of the University Tennis Doubles Championship. He was in the U. S. Army in World War I. His law practice was with the well-known firm of McCutchen, Olney, Matthews, Griffith, and Greene, of San Francisco, of which he became a partner. In 1931 he married Ruth Fesler, who survives him, with two sons, James and Charles.

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