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Appalachian Mountain Club

Appalachian Mountain Club. The Mountaineering Committee of the AMC trained beginners in rock, snow, and ice climbing as well as training mountaineering and expedition leaders during 1968. In excess of 3000 man-hours of climbing were scheduled during the year by the club and its chapters. Club members climbed in the northern Selkirks, Wind Rivers, Tetons, Colorado and the Peruvian Andes. The two-week climbers’ camp in the Selkirks was again a success, being attended by 17 people. A similar camp next year may be held in the northern Cascades. The guide book to New England rock and ice climbing areas is still in preparation. A manual for rock climbing instructors is in the final stages of review. A snow and ice climbing manual is in preparation. These manuals, serving as curriculum guides, will reference the basic texts on the subject. Several practice first-aid and technical rescue sessions were run at different rock-climbing areas. A mountaineering medicine course was introduced this year.

Reed W. Markley, Chairman, Mountaineering Committee