A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section

Publication Year: 1969.

A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section. Membership in the Sierra Nevada Section remained nearly constant at 82; however, the percentage of younger climbers showed an encouraging slight increase. We held four meetings during the year. George Oetzel discussed his climbs south of Huantsán in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. A fine movie of the ascent of Angel Wings in Sequoia National Park was shown by Les Wilson. Two European visitors, Martin Epp and Ernst von Allmen showed spectacular slides of the Eiger North Wall. David Seidman gave a well illustrated lecture on the north ridge of Mount Kennedy. Climbs in Ecuador, including a new route on the north ridge of Chimborazo, were the subject of the final slide show by Herbert Hultgren and Richard Hechtel. Section members were climbing in various parts of the world including Nepal, Bolivia, the Canadian Rockies, Selkirks, and Bugaboos, as well as the more mundane Sierra Nevada and Tetons. In Yosemite, Chuck Pratt and Chris Fredericks climbed the Dihedral Wall of El Capitan, and Royal Robbins made a ten-day solo ascent of the Muir Wall. Gilbert Roberts, Les Wilson, and Ed Keller climbed the west buttress of Mount McKinley. New section officers were selected: chairman, Les Wilson; vice-chairman, Irene Orten- burger; Secretary, Gus Benner.

Irene Ortenburger, Secretary

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