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Asia, Afghanistan, Shah Fuladi, Western Hindu Kush

Shah Fuladi, Western Hindu Kush. After their try to climb Tirich Mir, (see above), the Tokai University group went to climb Fuladi Shah (16,862 feet), 90 miles west of Kabul. From Bamiyan they drove an hour by jeep up the Fuladi valley and continued with donkeys to camp at 12,500 feet. On August 20 they found two ponds an hour above camp. From a snow valley they climbed a rock ridge to meet the main ridge. The 130-foot summit tower was climbed on the north. In this ascent Tatsuyuki Okamoto, Masataka Suzuki and Hirobumi Wada were joined by Miss Hiroko Ashiya of the Japanese Women’s West Asian Expedition.

Ichiro Yoshizawa, Japanese Alpine Club and A.A.C.