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Asia, Pakistan or Afghan Frontier, Hindu Kush, Attempt on Tirich Mir from Southwest

Attempt on Tirich Mir from Southwest. Tatsuyuki Okamoto, leader, Masataka Suzuki and Hirobumi Wada left Chitral on June 28 and made Base Camp at 14,100 feet on the moraine of the Dir Gol on July 2. Thinking the danger at the beginning of the buttress which seemed to offer the only route to Tirich Mir from Dir Gol too great, they gave up the attempt and returned to Base. On July 16 Suzuki and Wada climbed P 5579 (18,304 feet), which lies five miles west of Tirich Mir. After a reconnaissance of Goshanel Gol, which lies south of the Dir Gol Glacier and east of the towns of Arkari and Dir, the expedition moved its activities to Afghanistan. (See that section.)

Ichiro Yoshizawa, Japanese Alpine Club and A.A.C.