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Asia, Pakistan, Peaks above Gazin Gol

Peaks above Gazin Gol. Munetsugu Nieda of the Gakushuin University Expedition led Mayayuki Tokita and Shigeo Chigira. They left Chitral on July 7 and traveled through Moroi, Brep and Gazin up the Gazin Gol to the Golash Gol where they established Base Camp at 15,750 feet at the end of the Golash Glacier on July 14. Despite bad weather they made Camp I at 17,950 feet on the 21st. After more bad weather, on July 25 they left Camp I and climbed to the top of what they called Golash Zom (c. 20,000 feet) and bivouacked just below the summit. This peak is about a kilometer from Kamaro Zom (20,510 feet) and rises about 350 feet above the col.

Ichiro Yoshizawa, Japanese Alpine Club and A.A.C.