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Asia, India, Garhwal, Peak above Chaturangi Glacier

Peak above Chaturangi Glacier. Ten climbers, three scientists (including Geologist Dr. Dhruvajoyti Mukherjee and Physiologist Dr. Amitava Sen) and six Sherpas from the Gangotri Glacier Exploration Committee, Calcutta, left on August 31 to try Satopanth and two unnamed virgin peaks. The team was led by Amulya Sen and Dr. Swapan Rey Chaudhuri was the medical officer. Base Camp was established on September 11 at 14,500 feet on the medial moraine of the Chaturgangi Glacier, a mile above the Gangotri Glacier. Advance Base (15,600 feet) was set up the following day at the confluence of the Basuki and Chaturangi glaciers. They failed to climb Satopanth but eight of them scaled an unnamed peak of 20,270 feet north of the Chaturangi and west of the Khalipet on September 19 from an 18,000-foot camp beside a lake southwest of the peak.

Kamal K. GuhA, Himalayan Club