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Spedizioni d'alpinismo in Groenlandia

Spedizioni d’Alpinismo in Groenlandia, by Guido Monzino. Verona: Mondadori, 1966. 424 pages, 276 plates (42 in color), 30 maps, 9 sketches. This book is a photographic record of fine mountaineering expeditions to Greenland from 1961 to 1964 by 30 Italian climbers and explorers. Unfortunately for most of us the text and captions are in Italian, but this hides nothing of the beauty of the land, the character of the people, and the challenge of the mountains, which are all depicted so well in a magnificent collection of pictures. The reproduction of the color photographs is exceptionally good. Detailed maps show the routes the parties followed by plane, boat, truck, sledge, and foot around the coast and over the glaciers. Sketches show the ascent routes on the major peaks. Of special note are the many photographs emphasizing the threatening beauty of the icebergs which are so much a part of this land.

Donald Morton