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British Columbia Mountaineering Club

British Columbia Mountaineering Club. The 1967 season was an active one with the favorable influences of good weather and Canadian Centennial projects. Our schedule featured 70 trips ranging from short hikes and snowshoe outings to long class 4 and 5 alpine climbs. Ski mountaineering, trail outings, and winter climbs were also featured. Beside the regular club camp, a ski mountaineering camp and a Logan expedition were organized, and several members participated in the Canadian Centennial climbs in the St. Elias region. Club members climbed about 50 new peaks this year. Two expeditions went to the Lillooet Icecap, and shorter forays netted the first ascent of Cairn Needle and other peaks of the Lillooet River country in the Coast Range. There was a large and successful expedition into the Niut Range with new ascents which included Camel Peak and the east summit of Pagoda Peak. Club members working with two geological mapping projects explored much of the territory from Monarch Icecap south to the rim of the Homathko Snowfield. “Mount Wiessner” and the west face of Mount Bell were new climbs in the Waddington Range, where the Club is considering holding its 1968 expeditionary camp. Glenn Woodsworth completed and published his guidebook to rock climbing in the vicinity of Squamish. Construction of a 25-man shelter near Singing Pass in Garibaldi Park has been set back by bad weather and helicopter malfunction, but should be completed by year’s end.

Richard R. Culbert