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Appalachian Mountain Club

Appalachian Mountain Club. The mountaineering committee of the AMC continued to train beginners in rock and ice climbing as well as above-timberline camping in the winter during 1967. The Club and its chapters scheduled over 3000 man-days of climbing throughout the year. During the summer, members climbed in the Tetons, Selkirks, Alaska, and the Yukon as well as on Mounts Rainier and Hood and Longs Peak. The Club also initiated a two-week climbers’ camp in the Selkirks during which ascents were made of several standard routes as well as the first ascent of the east face of Mount Austerity. The success of this camp resulted in our planning a second one in 1968. Work on a rock and ice climbing guide to New England continues slowly. Many good but rarely frequented cliffs have been unearthed, and anyone interested in the possibility of new routes or providing current descriptions of established routes should contact William Phillips, c/o AMC, 5 Joy Street, Boston, Mass.

William Phillips, Chairman Mountaineering Committee