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Asia, Afghanistan, Peaks above Darrah-i-Shahran

Peaks above Darrah-i-Shahran. An Italian expedition also climbed above the Darrah-i-Shahran. On August 6 E. Barbero, A. Bonomi and L. Ratto made the second ascent of Djuk Deh Ambi (18,436 feet), continued along the ridge to make the second ascent of Djuk Deh Ambi South (18,373 feet) and along the south ridge over two peaks of 18,307 and 18,242 feet. On the 7th S. Giraudi, G. Ratti and G. Visini climbed P 5541 (18,180 feet) from the east, a new route and second ascent. On the 8th the same climbers made the second ascent of what earlier German climbers had called "Fünfseenspitze” (Five Lake Peak; 17,805 feet) by the northeast ridge traversing summits of 17,717, 17,389, 17,454 and 17,717 feet. Bonomi and Ratto made the second ascent of the southwest peak (19,685feet) of Koh-i-Sisgeikh on August 10 by a new route, the northwest ice couloirs. On the 12th Barbero and Ratto made the first ascent of P 5421 (17,785 feet) over the 17,717-foot peak which lies to the southeast.

Wolfgang Frey, Naturfreunde