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Asia, Pakistan, Czech Ascent of Tirich Mir

Czech Ascent of Tirich Mir. The Czechs were led by Vladimir Sedivy and were further Cervinka, Galfy, Jaskovsky, Masek, Smida, Urbanovic, Heckel and others. They climbed from the south branch of the upper Tirich Glacier, making the following ascents: Dir Gol Zom (22,238 feet) first ascent on July 12 by Cervinka, Galfy, Jaskovsky, Masek, Sedivy, Smida and Urbanovic and on July 22 Cervinka and Heckel; Tirich Mir Main Summit (25,260 feet) on July 19 by Cervinka, Galfy, Jaskovsky, Smida, Urbanovic by a new route through the northwest col and the

northwest ridge, Tirich West I (24,565 feet; date and climbers unknown) by northwest col; Achar Zom II (20,670 feet) first ascent by Masek, Vlc and Ashraf Aman.

Adolf Diemberger, Österreichischer Alpenklub