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Asia, Bhutan, Drungso Ri

Drungso Ri. Our recent ?expedition” to Bhutan involved crossing the country from Thinpu in the west to Tashigang in the east. We were doing a research project on endemic goitre and genetics studies. During the five months I reached the northern border with Tibet in the Mon- lakarchung region and climbed a new peak of 17,100 feet, which we called Drungso Ri (Doctor’s Peak), with a Bhutanese boy Chhimi

Wangchuk as companion. I was accompanied by Mrs. Sarah Steele, Adam Steele (age 3½) and Judith Steele (age 1½). We had several excitements en route, especially when we were cut off in the Lhuntsi valley with landslides blocking our way down the gorge of the Khur Chhu, without food and with smallpox in the region.

Peter Steele, Alpine Club