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Peruvian Ascents. H. Arbaiza, R. Carrascal and M. Cadillo of the Club Cordillera Huayhuash of Chiquián made the first ascent of Pampash (17,503 feet) on November 5. E. Leon, F. Diaz, R. Orrego, H. Tanaka and M. Canessa climbed Rajuntay Oeste (18,045 feet) from the west on November 25. E. Leon climbed Lasuntay (18,701 feet) in the Cordillera Huaytapallana on September 18. The Andean Rescue Group (Cuerpo de Socorro Andino) with A. Soriano, F. Palomino, E. Soriano, H. Contreras, J. Felber, M. Luna, A. Quinteros and A. Robles climbed Condorcenca (16,897 feet) in the Cordillera Raura on May 27, while on June 10 and 24, A. Soriano, Felber and Luna did different routes on the same peak. On July 28, A. Soriano, J. Rodríguez and C. Fernandes climbed Patrón Sur (17,225 feet) in the Raura and on August 4 Soriano and I accompanied the famous Italian Walter Bonatti to the source of the Marañón in the Raura. In August we organized the First National Convention of School and University Andinism in the Raura. On August 29 we made various ascents: with 15 teachers and students I climbed Huambraocrashca or Niño Perdido (Lost Child) Grande (16,891 feet) and Chico (16,339 feet); M. Canessa and teachers and students ascended Patrón Sur; A. and E. Soriano climbed Santa Rosa Norte (17,717 feet), while Máximo Luna with six teachers and students ascended Santa Rosa Chico (18,045 feet).

César Morales ArnAo, Club Andino Peruano

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