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North America, Canada, Canadian Coast Ranges, Lillooet Icecap Area

Lillooet Icecap Area. For Centennial Year the British Columbia Mountaineering Club decided on a ski-mountaineering expedition. On April 29 seven members of the club were flown to a 7500-foot pass west of the Manatee Glacier. This rugged little area is situated at the south end of the Lillooet Icecap, some 40 miles northwest of Pemberton, B. C. Heavy coastal glaciation provides open snowfields for skiing with spectacular granitic rock emerging at intervals to heights of 9500 feet. Base Camp was established on the pass and throughout our two-week stay snow caves proved very durable, especially during a storm which prevented activity for three days. On May 1 we were ready for climbing and the whole party made a ski ascent of Sirenia Mountain (9500 feet), highest in the group. Our climbing over the next ten days included a dozen ski ascents and a rock route on impressive “Wahoo Tower” (9450 feet). Manatee Peak itself yielded after two attempts. Other peaks climbed were given names like “Remora,” “Bonito,” “Albacore” and “Marlin”—the marine theme being retained in naming all the summits. All of the peaks were previously unclimbed. On May 11 our four-day walkout to Pemberton began on skis but these were jettisoned before the Lillooet River was reached. We finally arrived at South Creek where the local Ranger had been waiting with a truck. The members of the party were Esther Kafer, Judy Horgan, Paul Plummer, Afred Mennings, Brian Howard, Hans Pater Munger and I.

John Clarke, British Columbia Mountaineering Club