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North America, Canada, Canadian Rockies, Peaks above Cline Valley

Peaks above Cline Valley. Joseph C. LaBelle, Jr., Earl J. McWhorter, Thomas R. Stengle, Guy P. Perry, my husband Howard D. Stidham and I climbed over Sunset Pass and down the Cline Valley. After crossing Huntington and Cataract Creeks, we reached another major creek, up which we bushwhacked for three miles. On August 18 we ascended easy terrain to the eastern ridge of our valley and followed the ridge to the principal summit (10,400 feet) and its minor summit (10,050 feet). After retracing our steps to the Cataract Creek crossing, LaBelle, Stengle, my husband and I ascended this stream beyond the end of the trail to the second of two streams that flow into Cataract Creek from the east. We followed this a quarter of the distance to the top and reached the 10,100-foot summit after noon on August 21.

Sue N. Stidham, Appalachian Mountain Club