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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, King Peak, Correction

King Peak, Correction. On page 264 of A.A.J., 1967, it should have been noted that the “first ascent by the entire west ridge” of King Peak was completed on July 5 and 6, 1966. The first-ascent party of Alston Paige, Keith Hart and Elton Thayer reached the summit June 6, 1952 by traversing the north face from King Col to join the west ridge and

Everett’s route at about 14,000 feet. Both routes were identical for about the last half-mile. The 1952 route is clearly seen on Plate 10 of A.A.J., 1967, where it more or less parallels the ridge from King Col about a half-inch below the crest in the photograph and continues on to the right skyline (the west ridge).