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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount McKinley

A Note of Gratitude, The American Alpine Club is very grateful to all those who have contributed information, especially to this section. It is impossible to mention all who have been helpful, but special thanks to non-members for many years of assistance are given to Mr. Ichiro Yoshizawa, Sr. César Morales Arnao, Dr. G. O. Dyhrenfurth, Dr. Adolf Diemberger and countless other friends.

Mount McKinley. Aside from the climbs noted elsewhere in this Journal, the following ascents were made of the main or south summit: International Alaska Expedition, J. Richard Hechtel, Kurt Bittlingmaier, Peter Hennig, Lowell Smith, Bernhard Segger on May 4 via West Buttress; Minnesota McKinley Expedition, Roland Fleck, Robert Stolzenbach, Sven- Olaf Swarding on June 8 and John D. Peterson, Bill Coats, John Frantz on June 9 via West Buttress; China Lake McKinley Expedition, Carl Heller, Ernst Bauer, Dennis Burge, Russell O. Huse, James R. Nichols, Charles D. Ringrose, Robert P. Stein, Robert E. Westbrook, Frank G. Buffum, Jr. on July 11 via West Buttress; Western States McKinley Expedition, Paul Gerhard, Louis Reichardt, Loyd Price, Roger Derryberry, Peter McGann, Steven Altman on July 27 via West Buttress; Mountaineering Club of Alaska Expedition, William H. Babcock, Gayle E. Nienhueser, Chester S. Hackney, Jeff Babcock, John Ireton on July 29 via Muldrow Glacier and Karsten’s Ridge.