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Yale Mountaineering Club

Yale Mountaineering Club. During the active year of 1966, summer found members scattered widely in various climbing areas, including Chamonix, Wales, the Selkirks, Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada, the Tetons, and at Seneca Rock, West Virginia. After the opening of school in the fall Sam Streibert, John Reppy, and Bob Crawford completed the first ascent of the YMC Dike on Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire, the second grade IV climb to be done in the East. During the fall, club activity settled down to training beginners and new members, and climbing at the local rock areas in Connecticut and at the Shawangunks in New York. We continued putting in new climbs, especially at East Peak at Meriden, Connecticut, and also continued the work started last year of compiling a general guide to all of the climbing areas in the state. The coming of winter did not dampen enthusiasm; if anything, activity increased. Numerous climbs were done despite cold weather, and the gym is being used extensively for training and conditioning in anticipation of the coming spring and summer of 1967. A peg board has been installed for our use and has proved of great value for building up arms and forearms. The club also provided dynamic belay practice for all members.

Bob Crawford, President