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The Alpine Club of Canada

The Alpine Club of Canada. The 1966 summer camp was in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park with 172 members and friends attending. Mount Assiniboine (11,870 feet) dominated the area. However, only two successful ascents of its summit were made. Snow conditions were not good; it was necessary to scrape the snow and verglas to secure good foot and handholds. Parties ascended Magog, Terrapin, Sturdee, Wedge- wood Traverse, Sunburst, Towers, Naiset, and other lesser peaks of the region. Camp was established above the west end of Lake Magog at 7200 feet, directly below Sunburst Peak in a wooded area. Camp weather was generally good, although on July 5, when camp was being erected, the surroundings were pretty well covered with snow. This is a very scenic location within easy walking distance of Sunburst and Cerulean Lakes, where several members found good fishing. The 1966 Ski Camp was held from the Stanley Mitchell Hut in the Little Yoho Valley under ideal conditions, in terms of both the snow and the weather. Given the proper conditions, the Little Yoho cannot be equaled for spring skiing, and such was the case in 1966.

W. C. Ledingham, Club Manager