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Asia, Afghanistan, Corrections, Hindu Kush

Corrections, Hindu Kush. On page 201 of A.A.J., 1966, it stated that both the American and the Italian expeditions climbed P 6110 meters or Bandaka Uris. It now appears that both groups climbed P 6192 meters (20,315 feet) or Koh-e-Ka-Safed. In more recently published reports, the Czechs who climbed in the Wakhan in 1965 (see A.A.J., 1966, 15:1 pp. 206-7) have given somewhat different altitudes and in some cases differently spelled names. The greatest difference is with Mina, North Peak of an altitude of 20,932 feet; this peak, which lies northeast of the highest summit, was called Meena, East Peak in previous reports and given as 20,309 feet. The ascent of Gordoghan Zom was actually made on August 4 and not August 8 as noted on page 198. Doubtless the most authoritative sources of Hindu Kush climbing are found in the articles by Dr. A. Diemberger and Wolfgang Frey in the Österreichische Alpenzeitung.