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Asia, India Punjab, Deo Tibba

Deo Tibba. This now frequently climbed, 19,687-foot Kulu peak was climbed on May 18 by the expedition’s leader, C. Pritchard, and R. Hatch and on May 20 by S. Kumar, B. Merchant and the Ladakhi porter Wangyal. On the 20th Pritchard and Hatch also climbed P 17,155 feet at the head of the Jagatsukh Nala, going on from the summit to a rock peak across the snowfield which dominates the lower Malana Nala, which may possibly be P 16,316 feet. Pritchard, Hatch and Wangyal also explored the upper Malana Glacier and climbed some 18,000-foot rock peaks which they called the “Malana Towers.”