Tierra del Fuego

South America, Chile
Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 1967.

A Japanese expedition from Hokkaido University was active on this island between December 26, 1965 and March 2. The party, which was mainly interested in the geology and botany of Tierra del Fuego, was led by T. Tujii and composed of S. Amma, T. Nishimura, T. Endo, geologists, T. Haga, T. Ioriya, botanists, T. Saeki, cameraman, F. Yoshida and M. Hashimoto, physicians. They traveled in the Chilean naval vessel Colo-Colo to Escandallo Bay, at the eastern foot of Monte Sarmiento. In the fjord Contraalmirante Martínez they did geological work and in the Cordón Navarro behind it they climbed three peaks of some 6000 feet. Two camps, at 1000 and 2800 feet were placed on the Blanco Glacier of Monte Sarmiento. In spite of bad weather and the possibility of avalanches, they placed still another camp at 5000 feet but after ten days of bad weather, they had to retreat. In the last seven days of the expedition they traveled to the Paine massif, where they climbed Cerro Blanco (6234 feet).

Hugo Vásquez L., Asociación Universitaria de Andinismo, Chile