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North America, United States, Alaska, P 5750, Chugach Range

P 5730, Chugach Range. On July 7, 1965 the Spaniard Venancio López de Ceballos and the Alaskan John Samuelson made the first ascent of a minor peak of some 5750 feet above the Harriman Glacier at 60°53'45" N. and 148°36'30" W. They were landed by plane at 2000 feet about 12 miles north-northeast of Whittier. Since no mountain in the region approaches the height given it by the Spaniard, it is hard to understand how this nameless peak has been given an altitude of 9200 feet in Spanish mountaineering journals and how the difficulties of the ascent can have been exaggerated so far beyond a more accurate report given the editor by Samuelson.