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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley. Although the weather turned back several expeditions to Mount McKinley, three were successful. On June 23 Lee Nelson, Webb Sater, Bud Payne and Steve Horner reached the South Peak via the West Buttress. Two groups climbed Karsten’s Ridge. On June 30 Douglas Bingham, Bruce Gilbert and Rudolf Schmid of an Alaskan party led by Clem Rawert climbed the North Peak from the Harper Glacier by a route up the ice couloir northeast of point 18,990 feet. Nearly two weeks of severe storm prevented further progress. Members of a Swarthmore College expedition, Stanley Adamson and Malcolm Moore got to the North Peak on July 17; the South Peak was climbed on July 18 by Adamson and Charles Bailey and on July 19 by Bailey and Moore.